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About Tru2yu

Welcome to tru2yu where an experience shared today makes a better tomorrow


I am a single gay parent of three children.  I have had the opportunity to experience a lot within my life, from major topics such as addiction, being and coming out as gay, and becoming a parent through adoption.


Throughout the last 15 years, I can think of at least a dozen topics that would have been a tremendous help if I was able to ask someone who had experienced the same things I was experiencing. I know sometimes people hide something in order to block out the negativity from the outside world, but I come to realize all the negativity is within our own minds. With the online world growing as it has been, communication has grown more than most people can comprehend. I know if each and every experience that we are exposed to throughout our life will someday help another person’s day be much better.


Have you ever thought about how the experience you know could help someone that may be going through the same thing?  That’s essentially what the goals are here, and no matter how large or how complex; each experience will become knowledge that will quickly answer someone else’s questions.

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