Toxic Family Relationship

Family Hurting Family

Living with addicts has led many to believe that addiction is to blame for a toxic family relationship that results with family hurting family. To a certain degree, it’s true however addiction and toxicity are different.  Addiction is like a disease because of the sickness and doesn’t make people evil,

Poisonous PeopleToxic Family Members

Some people already have evil inside of them, however, addiction brings it out of them. Toxic family members put themselves before others and will take advantage of anyone if it benefits them. The poisonous members of the family usually are surrounded by chaos. The toxic people in your life don’t have to be addicts, but if they are toxic and have an addiction problem, then run away and don’t look back.

Toxic Parent

A toxic parent is someone that likes to cause trouble within the family, rather than admit to the truth or apologize. A decent parent will hear their child out when they express their feelings. A Nontoxic parent doesn’t need to agree with all that their child is saying but they at least listen. A dangerous parent will just reject, disregard or even expel through a non-conciliatory sentiment or another strategy. A toxic parent is self-centered and feels their problems outweighs all others. A toxic individual is never responsible, and when they are confronted, they will deny it in every way.

Toxic Adult Siblings

Toxic adult siblings will blame the other whenever they get into trouble and will bring you down whenever the opportunity is given to them.  Taking the sibling rivalry too far is one thing, but a toxic sibling will take it way too far and personal. If you have a sibling one thing a parent should avoid is comparing siblings and giving everyone unequal treatment. Toxicity can derive from the saying “Why can’t you be like your brother/sister?”. Treating one sibling more like a friend rather than their child, then this may be a sign of toxic behavior from a parent.


Toxic Father-Daughter Relationship

Some toxic father-daughter relationships occur throughout adult life. All toxic relationships should stop yet sadly only so much can be done to help those that we care about. Some poisonous relationships involving fathers can be broken. Some are fortunate enough to have experience with other aspects of perception. Looking at different aspects of the world will broaden your perceptional views and values. Understanding that parents are not always the best mentor is important.

Children of Narcissistic Parents

Being in control or knowing everything is a priority to a narcissistic parent. A narcissistic parent is exclusively and possessively close to their children and threatened by their children’s growing independence. They care more about themselves than their own child and need to be involved in everything or else they get offended.  A narcissistic parent will leave their child confused because they like to make their children feel as if they are responsible.  These parents give no credit at all yet expect all the credit from everyone else for things they probably didn’t even accomplish. A narcissistic person will lie in order to benefit themselves, even if hurts their children.

Get out while you can

Everyone gets mad, and people can make empty threats that sometimes can be followed through.  A toxic family member will make threats all the time and may act on them.  If harm is done intentionally, then it’s time to walk away because it will only get worse.  No type of abuse should be tolerated, even though walking away isn’t your goal; it must happen!

Take care of yourself Get Away From Toxic People

11 thoughts on “Toxic Family Relationship

  1. I had a cousin who used to say, it is better to stay far from each other, and only meet on occasion and we may still like each other. My family went through a hard time and that was exactly what we did. We grew apart but we still respect each other, we are not friends anymore but we meet we can share basic things about our lives.

    Taking your distance from an abusing family member does not mean you stop being a family. It took us almost 5 years to reconnect. Give time to each other to evolve. Things may never be the same again but at least there will be no abuse anymore.

    Thanks for sharing this great topic.

    1. You may have the toxic relationship however, i dont feel neither would be considered toxic. You both knew what was best for each ohter rather than thinking of one self. Who knows as time goes on i believe anything is possible and you may live a brighter future with him.

  2. I agree that toxic relationships are poisonous to everyone that may be involved directly or even indirectly in some cases. It is more than intuition when you think you may have someone around you that falls into this category of person, and there are varying degrees of toxicity, but it is not good no matter the level.

    There may be some use in confronting the individual if that is possible, but many times these type of people refuse to see that in themselves, as you mention, and they can become quite indignant or worse at times. Often the best solution really is just to walk away, get out, put the person behind you, get them out of your life completely.

    That is not that easy to do in some cases for a number of reasons. There may be children involved, perhaps it is a question of not being able to support yourself, or you may have some self-esteem issues yourself that get in the way. It can help to get some advice from someone or at least have someone you can talk to.

    Life should not be a burden for anyone. I think that those that place a burden on those around them need to either change or suffer the consequence of being left behind. Older people are the exception (unless it is too bad), and I personally tend to give them a pass when they really do not deserve it. 

    1. In my experience i always have tried to confront them and i was always wrong. The manipulation runs deep at times and some people may not comprhend the plotting that goes on with their mind. I always confront them in hopes for change because no matter what, family is family.

  3. I think we all know someone like this, especially nowadays. While toxic relationships have always been around in one form or another, society has definitely changed and few people today seem to care much about anything outside of themselves. We’re pretty spoiled with all these technological conveniences and that does nothing to make us better people.

    I have a number of toxic relatives and friends in mind, as I write this. Some of them have addiction problems, a couple of them are the controlling types that nobody seems to get along with, and others play the victim card for attention. They’re not happy people and it’s unfortunate that their toxicity has a way of rubbing off on others.

    Reading this really got me to thinking about certain people around me. We can’t exactly get rid of our toxic family members, but we can refuse to get sucked into the patterns they create around them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad it made you aware to start looking around you. People can sometimes be the worst to each other and then sometimes the best. Always keep your awareness up while staying true to yourself.

  4. Hi there,

    This is a very informative video and one that is close to home. I saw myself in a number of the father described in the video and although I have no idea how to deal with what’s going on it has brought my attention to at least addressing some of the issues both me and my daughter face. Thanks for the insights


  5. How sad that so many problems are caused by toxic parenting. There should be tutorials on parenting which might help to have fewer family problems.

    I do recall that we had a program called “Focus on the Family” the book was written by Dr. James Dobson and run by my husband at our church when my children were little and I found this to be very helpful.

    Perhaps people should still be looking at that option instead of yelling at their children and belittling them. That is how they lose the feeling of self-worth.

  6. Can we refer to a jealous person as toxic? A toxic people can make another person toxic due to his/her toxic approach and frustration. I have seen alot of people who developed their toxicity due to jelousy. There is nothing as good as living alone compare to staying around toxic people. This can cause many harms than good. Many people got separated from their family member and refused to turn back due to this experience. A parent shouldn’t be biase when addressing their children. Everyone are not created equal that is why we can’t have thesame character.

    1. Jealousy is a trigger to a toxic person. If you think about it, everyone has a bit of jealousy in them. However, how we control our emotion, expecially toward other makes all the difference as well. But i do agree that jeaousy is enhanced with toxic people leaving others in defense mode.

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