Single Male Parents

Single Male Parents

Single male Parents used to be a rare category, and like single moms are one of the hardest jobs. Being a single guy who has taken on the responsibility of three children within three years, I now understand the struggle.  However, the reward is better than any physical item, its purity. I am struggling more than ever yet am happier than ever before.  The humble person I have become is someone I am thankful to be.  Thanks to them, I feel I didn’t just keep them out of foster care, but they saved me as well.  I am much more aware and have experienced so many life lessons these past few years that has made me the person I am today.  I stay true to who I am through their innocence. Because having to be a mentor and guide, someone takes all other unnecessary influences away from my primary goals.  The procrastination that I used to be hampered by is now virtually gone because there is no tolerance for it as a parent

From three years ago until now, the amount of change has been phenomenal.  I take each day as if I am a bull ready to charge.  One thing I have realized is the strength parents can achieve.  I am a much stronger person than I was.  The hardship is real, though, I am doing my absolute best, but the effects are excruciating.  Depression can quickly happen as a parent because financially, socially, and even emotionally, parents may lose it all.  The strength of a parent is defined when they still push forward for their children’s best interest, regardless of how much sacrifice has already been made.

The Gay Dad

Gay men are thought of much less favorably than gay women. If you look at the overall stereotype, lesbians are sexy, and gay men are disgusting. Girl on girl is fine, yet guy on guy seems to be something completely different. When they become single-gay fathers, then a whole new category is created! Same-sex couples are getting more recognition as parents because of the rising number of children that are in state custody. The foster care system is becoming a growing business because of this increase and unfortunately, is steadily growing. The number of children they take in has increased dramatically in the past few years alone and is mostly because of the heroin epidemic! In the year 2015, there were just over fifteen thousand children in foster care, and it is estimated to be over twenty thousand by 2020. With this statistic being so dreadfully high, we can only hope a positive change will be made to keep children within their own families. Fortunately, though, with the number of gay couples and even the couples who are not able to bear children, adoptions have become a more realistic goal. As a single- gay-adoptive-father myself, I would like to share some insight for anyone that has the space within their home and heart, to welcome in a child and give them some normalcy. The feeling of being a dad conquers the struggles faced by becoming a parent.

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