Mastiff Pride

puppy pride

Old English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is also sometimes referred to as The Old English Mastiff. These protective, yet gentle giants can create a special bond that is only understood by their owner.

They have been well known around the world for thousands of years. It is quite unfortunate to know that this breed was used to fight in the Roman arenas against wild animals and gladiators. During the medieval era of England, they were used as war dogs, guardians of the upper class’s estates during the night, and were used for big-game hunting. Also, at the end of World War II, there were only 14 Mastiffs that survived, thankfully however with the help of the United States, this beloved animal stands tall and always proud.

Due to my own experience with Mastiffs, I know that the aggression side of them is genuine, yet controllable if guided with love. I understand why they were used as weaponry, and it’s unfortunate because they not only can be ferocious beasts but with their intelligence and understanding, are very sensitive as well. One piece of advice to effectively communicate with mastiffs is to use positive gestures because their reactions are based off of our feelings. Therefore, If you want them to be mean, then they will. Most importantly though, be aware because if they ever have the chance to attack you; you’re going to wish you had shown them more love as puppies.


When you get your Mastiff puppies to be ready for the chains and cables to break because if this dog wants something, then they will get it. Be aware that they take us on walks; we don’t take them on walks.


As you raise the mastiff puppies, you will soon learn the phrase “the dog thinks that it’s human,” as their personality grows to become family. They will always brighten your day.


         Easy Going

This dog will create The bond that it would have created with its own puppies formed is indescribably heartwarming, and lasts forever and therefore you should join the mastiff club.


For someone that has no previous experience to any of the mastiff dog breeds, they should not take it lightly. Having an animal this size is a commitment from the beginning when they are puppies throughout adulthood. Make sure they get quality Care.


A male Mastiff stands at least 30 inches at the shoulder and easily outweighs most grown men! A little bit of Reading about this type of dog wouldn’t hurt as you should learn everything about this faithful guardian from the time they are puppies throughout adulthood.


The AKC English Mastiff is a colossal dog with a well-knit stature. In most cases, they go from friendly puppies to friendly giants! I will say that I have had them my entire life and they are my best friends!

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