Living With Addicts

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My Precious Little Girl was always a support. The support from my Mastiff Tribe was tremendous.

Addiction has surrounded my life and even though I am not an addict myself; living with addicts has made me question my own morality. I truly believe it is hereditary because I have personally experienced the pain it causes. The family around me changed because of the strength addiction has within it! The growing usage of heroin in our society has led me to believe that addiction has evolved into an epidemic! People hide from the reality of addiction and so I would like to encourage people to understand and talk about their addiction. Communicating about it will only make them stronger when trying to defeat the curse steering it! To everyone with addiction problems, whether you’re using or know someone who is, please share your experience. I have learned that being positive about life and understanding that addiction is nothing to hide from or be ashamed of. It is okay to discuss problems caused by addiction because they can be devastating, especially if you are alone. My goal is for us all to help each other by rising together! Come and share your experience or provide your support for someone who needs you! Let this become the start of Anytime Support!  

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