Whomever it May Concern

🙏✌Whomever It May Concern✨🐱‍🚀

To whomever it may concern, coming out as gay is a big deal and can have many different effects. Calem Scott was a finalist on the UK’s performance show ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ and thanks to a powerful voice and passionate performance style, he’s parlayed it into global acclaim. Scott recounted a painful part of his young adult life – preparing the complicated emotions of being a gay teen and letting the world around him aware of his sexual orientation. Friends abandoned him early on, and it hurt. But in this touching video, states how he found the strength to be honest about himself.

Be Proud

Be proud of yourself for all that you are!  Know that doing the wrong thing is when your conscience has you second-guessing yourself.  If you’re still having second thoughts on big, important decisions, it may be a good idea to start with the non-threatening choices first. The more you learn to make decisions from your own beliefs, the fewer regrets you will have about it.

Stand Up & Be Proud


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