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Anytime support provides a safe place for everyone to share any experience. doing this will allow their story to reach someone who needs their advice and guidance. COME SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.

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Working Together

People working together will provide the ability for others to navigate through the challenges that we all encounter. The experiences everyone goes through can become a piece of shared knowledge.  Communication is key in order to help someone who needs support.



Don’t miss out on building a better tomorrow and by securing your knowledge and creating anytime support. We all have a helpful story and may not even know it!


The Better Tomorrow

We signify an online community that Discusses and Relates Experiences for the better tomorrow!

Every experience is essential, as the goal of our operation is to input all knowledge into a database and create a social search engine! The short-term goal would be anytime supporting, which can help guide people who need help or advice. People who suffer from addiction or people who are not comfortable with embracing their sexual preferences due to the environment they live need help! This site and all other posts within the tru2yu domain are a safe place; names are not needed to ask a question or to share an experience.  The only thing we ask is that you stay true to the soul that is in you. With every experience shared will only continue the growth within our database and will be able to supply the how-to capabilities for all situations.

When an addict needs a sponsor in the middle of the night or even when a little girl needs help with her homework, our database will help with the resources they need. 

Many personal experiences from my own life may be useful to others. I am a gay male with three children, and only one of them I adopted while the other two I got legal custody. Unlike most parents, I did not get a nine-month notice about a child that I will be parenting. I had less than a month to prepare for my son to come home. Challenges and struggles that I have endured throughout the adoption process were indescribable, but I have no regrets! The beginning was terrifying, as I had no idea what I was doing.  At the time, I was clueless and was barely able to make a utility payment on time, even though I had the money for it. Finally, I have created a blog that will generate a lot of content because there is a significant amount of experiences that still need yielding as knowledge. I had come to learn how single mothers, which were usually the stereotype when it came to be a single parent, are heroes!

Single Parenting was not my only noteworthy experience in which I have met throughout my life! Coming out as gay and tending to my family members addicted to heroin, and the domino effect from their addictions left me overwhelmed. I was very lost and knew nothing except to take care of the children and to keep my head held high while loving them from a distance. With this being a few significant experiences that I am still sharing, remember that any publication is vital to this community. The ultimate experiences are going to be the ones shared first because of how crucial they are and the number of people they impact. The start of this site can have a positive influence on so many lives by helping sponsor addicts at any time when they may need. It makes me feel good to know there are already supporting people! If you haven’t already, please like this page and visit the site to subscribe along with keeping positive vibes.

I will see you on the inside!