Learning From Experience

It Is, What It Is

Having an optimistic outlook in life, especially on those days that are most stressful, is a method I try to embrace to get through each day. Positive thinking can be one of the most robust tools we have to cope with the pressure of everyday life. The ability to accept that it is, what it is while trying to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty, is not something people easily perceive. Viewing negative things out of negative situations only cause negative ambiances to grow stronger. Positive thinking will get you further than you may know, even if you are going through some of the hardest times in your life. With my own experience staying positive has kept me moving forward and on track with the goals that I set for myself. Most likely, there is negativity in your life and are not viewing it as learning from experience, leaving you no constructive resolution! All negative situations should be forced back or at least blocked by something positive. If you lose your job and it is your only source of income and have a family to take care of, then how would depression help? It may just make things ultimately worse. Instead of panicking about bills or putting food on the table, be proactive and confident by thinking of your next step; then take the initiative to get it done. Keep your head up high, no matter the misfortune you might be enduring, there have been People in your shoes, and they have had to deal with the same or even worse. When things seem to be at their worst, remember that they are not, and they could always be more stressful if we allow it.

Life is full of traumatic incidences that can bring even the happiest person into a hard depression. Instead of dealing with stress, experience it as if you are learning something that will only make you wiser. Good or bad, every experience should be viewed as lessons to learn from, especially the ones that have the most impact on our lives. The stress that we endure is enough to make sure not to allow it to happen again. Therefore, we should absorb, prepare, and ensure to be more knowledgeable in the future.

Most People have more stressful days than carefree days! If you think about it, the stressful days can minimize if we embrace some positivity, and accept things for the way they are. Stress can grow because of anxiety and how we dwell on the things that won’t change. Things that make us stressful have already happened and therefore are things of the past. Unless we had a time machine, the elements of the past would need to remain there. It may be easier said than done but sometimes accepting things for the way they are will only help our future and of the ones we love. In realizing that something isn’t going to change or be handled differently will only help us move forward quicker. Mostly this will be a lesson learned, as all stressful situations are. If we realize that the only choice we have is to push forward, could then allow for quick turnarounds. In turn, the negative and compressing thoughts that put us in the dumps will cease to exist. There have been many occurrences throughout my life when I can remember wanting a time machine. Other than the fact of having one being complete amazeballs, are so many ways I can think of using it. A time machine would make it possible to see many events that I would have loved to witness. I am not sure how the rules of the whole-time-continuum works and don’t want to alter anything that could seriously change the future. However, I would modify some things if I knew it would be beneficial to the present time. The only way to know if changing the past would be detrimental the current time would be to have a time machine, so maybe trial and error is the answer. Whether changing the past would necessarily be good or not is irrelevant. I do realize this paragraph may seem a bit off-topic, but it’s not. Stress isn’t just a significant apprehension with a lot of us but how we handle it, can genuinely reflate the success we yearn.

The way I changed the focus using the time machine is the same idea of how using positive thinking for the negativity within our lives help us cope. Even though changing the subject may help with nerves, it hasn’t solved the problem. Taking the dwelling to a halt will help you be calm enough to think of a solution and prepare for what may potentially make you wiser. If we think of positive thoughts to be a tool to use, then maybe we might look at stress and emotions differently. So, when you notice somebody cry at a funeral, yet another person is acting as happy as can be, you may then understand why. When you see somebody laughing and portraying as if it is a sunny day, it might just be the way they are coping with negative or depressing thoughts. Sometimes the happiest People could be individuals with more stress than you can imagine. However, they are dealing with it in ways that are beneficial to those around them. People who tend to hide their emotions or block them are the ones who are using positive thinking as a coping mechanism. When you see someone, who is always annoyingly happy, look at it in a different light as it may be a complete cover. Individuals who use coping mechanisms with their emotions tend to have a lot going on in their life and must use this method to push forward. I, for instance, understand this because of the overwhelming amount of issues I have met throughout my life. I will say though, I am not overly annoyingly happy but do tend to think positively regularly. In the heat of hard luck and being the one who children count on exceeds any reason for my selfish worry. I do not have time to be depressed nor have time to be stressed about things I cannot change. I most certainly do not have the energy to try to fix every little problem that causes a rise in my blood pressure. Like I said, things in the past need to be accepted and viewed as something to master. With children to care for means that negativity will stop with me, as I genuinely believe that my positive characteristics are something they will learn from the most. It is what it is, and we can’t change it. However, we can prevail and become better people from it by learning how to prepare for the future instead. When I only have a certain amount of money, I will make sure to stretch it as far as possible. One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn throughout life is how to think ahead! Knowing that there are future obligations and preparing for them now, rather than later, has proven to be beneficial. If I pay my bills and have money left over, I do not think of it as an extra. I always feel that there is room for improvement, which includes my finances. The way I was raised until now, I do some things differently about how I handle life. I do not rush or make irrational decisions anymore, yet I am always thinking things through very thoroughly before making a decision. The only person who can make for a better tomorrow is me! I view life with the same moral principles as my parents taught yet have more of a perceptional optimistic personality. I try not to allow outside drama to affect my daily goals or routine. If my intentions get intercepted by issues that do not concern me, then how will I ever succeed in anything for myself. One thing I try to consider is if I cannot help myself; then how will I be able to help anybody else. If it does not affect your life or your household, then you shouldn’t get involved, unless you are capable of lending a hand. If helping somebody drags you down more than it helps them, then you are truly hurting yourself. However, if you are helping for a good reason and think positive, then karma might be in your favor. It has taken many years, and I am by far no expert on the matter, however, though, I have experience with letting negativity drag me down. I have made significant sacrifices within the last few years and it hurts to know how life could be if I didn’t. For the first time in my life, I was fired from a job that was more of a passion than a paycheck. The kicker is that I not only lost my get-a-way but fired by someone I consider to be a great friend. I do not have harsh feelings but truly was working to be myself once again, as I had been in a slump and was struggling to fight my way back. Even though this is as what some people consider “icing on the cake” and indeed was a “curb stomper”, dwelling on negative situations will only make things worse. Make sure to have an open mind even when things are going great because, in reality, they can either improve or get worse.

Thinking positively and distinguishing it as it is what it is, may help you cope with more than you could imagine. Staying positive does not cure the negative source; however, it does make you a bit stronger to fight it.

Experience Today & Master Tomorrow