Classic Family Movies

Father-Son Relationships

Nothing compares to father-son relationships like in this classic movie, we may fight and have disagreements but are always on the same team.  When a father finally meets his son for the first time, it’s as if nothing in the past mattered. The love shared between this father and son is undeniably the ideal relationship exemplified through any movie.

Finding The Love

When it comes to finding the love you had once before, it may not be clear.  It’s been so long that you trained yourself to run away from the feelings you once had. However, those feelings are still inside of you, and running may only cause more pain. Changing yourself because of how others make you feel is never the answer because you may forget who you are. Mistakes create wisdom if accepted as a learning experience.

Start A New Life

It might seem great at first when you start a new life but becoming part of something different than your own, will soon make you feel alone. “The grass isn’t greener on the other side” however, the people are always different.  If you stay true to yourself as The little mermaid does, then you will begin to respect more of yourself. The wisdom that can be learned from such an experience is something to hold proudly!

Your Gut Feeling

Your gut feeling is when something just feels right.  Our mind doesn’t always need to be the guide, but instead, we should learn to use our hearts as the lead.  When you make decisions that you question afterward, are ones that you should have probably involved your heart.  Making the right decision is when you don’t second guess or question whether it was the correct one.

Letting It Go

Our pride sometimes will get in the way of us just letting it go. Most of the time, people can’t just take a deep breath and move pass something eating at their conscience. It’s known that we are the only one to know our conscience about something. So next time, when you let something affect your daily goals, remember that you may be the only one upset. Don’t let things change your daily routine and goals, because that would mean more chaos for yourself. Push forward and Stall because you are making the unnecessary stuff go to focus on what is truly important.

Listen and Learn

When you feel others have a say in your life and that they’re opinions have to value is when you should, listen and learn.  Truly listen to what others are saying and understand that most of them have different meanings.  Learning that everyone is different and that one person can’t make everyone happy, will allow you to make the right decisions meant for yourself.  Respect will come to those who brand their own path followed by true happiness.  Make Your own Happy-Ending!


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